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Eleni Zervopoulou

A few words about me...

Hello book travelers. I am Eleni Zervopoulou and I welcome you to my new book blog. Either as  a writer, or as a reader, in recent years literature has entered my life very dynamically. It is a kind of art that helps me defeat my demons, get lost in fantastic, romantic worlds and build on them, dreams for a new life!
My first short story"Hook - The Story We Don't Know" contained in the collection

"And they lived Happily Ever After?" which has been issued byMoonlight Tales, on whose website you will also find my other writings. In the e-book"Tales of the Mind Projects"there are also my short stories. At the moment I am busy writing a novel and I have the honor at the same time, to be able to dobeta-readingin works of Greek authors. 

TheBooks & Frecklesit's not just a blog. It is a place where we will walk together in the alleys of literature and get to know the works of Greek authors.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

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